A lot of people ask me what it takes to write a book. I tell them my 8-step writing process. It's simple and easy.

Best of all, the author hardly lifts a finger. That's my job.

Eight Easy Steps to Write a Book

1. Plan the Project

Determine the project scope, deadline, production schedule. (After talking with the author, the ghostwriter plans the project.)

2. Gather the Information

Pull together existing written information, blogs, articles, seminar videos, interviews, etc. to create content. This can also entail interviewing the author. (The author provides the materials to the ghostwriter, who then goes through all the content.)

3. Create the Outline

Organizing the material so that it makes sense, into a rough Table of Contents, chapter headings, sub-headlines, etc. (The ghostwriter does this; the author gives feedback.)

4. Create the Rough Draft

Write and edit the material, based on the rough outline. (The ghostwriter does this.)

5. Give It Substance

Write and edit the material further. The text can go through second, third or even fourth rounds of drafts. (The ghostwriter does this, with feedback from the author.)

6. Look for Information Holes

Edit the material with a critical eye to make sure it makes sense, flows logically, expresses the theme coherently, expresses the author’s voice authentically, and appeals to the target audience. (The ghostwriter does this, with feedback from the author.)

7. Make It Sexy

Review the Table of Contents, headlines and subheads, to make sure it reflects the actual text and appeals to readers. (The ghostwriter does this, with feedback from the author.)

8. Make It Perfect

Proofread for spelling, grammar, consistency, etc. Work with the designer and/or publisher to deliver text that is publication ready. (The ghostwriter does this.)

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