Technology is changing the way that we read and publish books. These days, authors can publish on their own and readers can view works through electronic tablets, or eReaders. Here are some of the things that I've been working on to help you stay ahead of the times.

eReaders Guide

eReaders are becoming a major force in the market. If you are writing a book it's important to know how your content will be delivered. Check out this quick guide to the four most popular eReaders on the market.

So you want to self publish?

Completing a book is an incomparable accomplishment. But what's the good in it all if your book doesn't get delivered to your readers? Deciding how to publish your work is a major step in the book writing process. Before you make a decision, take time to compare traditional and self-publishing.

Going Digital: Self publishing your e-book

When you are self-publishing books, you don’t always have to print them on paper and produce a physical product. Nowadays it is common—and even beneficial—to move toward self-publishing e-books.

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