E-books vs. Printed Books

More and more people are using digital tools such as e-readers and tablets to read content, whether it be newspapers, business books or books for pleasure. With the emergence of this technology, more and more authors are wondering if publishing an e-book may be appropriate for their target audience.

The obvious difference between an e-book and a regular book is that the former is never printed. Many people look at this option as a more cost-effective way to broadcast their content. 

The other, possibly lesser-known difference between e-books and printed books is the length of the book. Generally, e-books are shorter than printed books, ranging anywhere from 20 pages to 100 pages. Though e-books can be longer, the majority are in this range. A printed book, on the other hand, is about 100 pages or more. Anything with fewer than 100 pages is really just a booklet.

It is possible to enjoy the perks of both formats, as you can publish your book in both formats. If you create a 150-page print book, it can also be turned into an e-book and downloaded through Kindle, Nook and iBook. The content can be the same; it’s just a matter of how it is downloaded.

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