How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost?

No two projects are alike, so there is no generic price for ghostwriting services. However, when determining the price of a project, we look at these seven factors:

1.      Sophistication of the topic

Writing about how to tie your shoes is very different from writing about how to invest in tax liens in tax-deed states. Writing about how to make orange juice is very different from how to have the relationship of your dreams that will last you the rest of your life. The level of sophistication will influence the cost of the project.

2.      Sophistication of the language

Writing a direct, conversational book is different from writing a book meant to appeal to MBA graduates, political leaders or business leaders. Different languages and conversation types require varying levels of editing.

3.      How much work has already been done

If you already have blogs or speeches that we can cull information from, that will make the project a lot easier than if we had to create material from scratch. If you have an existing manuscript, that may also help bring down the costs, that is, if the existing manuscript can be used for the current project.

4.      What you need us to do

Maybe you need us only for a planning session and you’re going to write the rest yourself. Or, maybe you need us only to edit a small portion of the project. That is different from us creating an entire book for you from scratch and will also factor into the cost of ghostwriting.

5.      Availability of the author

If you have a major business deal that you are closing and you’re not available to review the drafts as we write them, then that is going to delay the project. Also, if the work that we do brings up major emotional challenges for you that you need to take care of, then that will delay the project as well. These are all things that we take into consideration.

6.      Length of the project

A 50-page e-book will be easier to write than will a 320-page business book. The total lengths of 50 pages, 120 pages and 250 pages are all different benchmarks that we use, as they require different amounts of energy.

7.      Deadline

How soon do you need it? Do you need it next week? Next month? Six months from now? The faster we have to move and get it done for you, and the adjustments we need to make to plan it in our schedule will all affect the price of the project.

Those are the main factors that influence how much ghostwriting services cost. But of course, your project will be completely unique and may have other factors that affect the price.

We would love to have a personal conversation with you so we get to know your project and can give you the most cost-effective price. If you have more questions, please contact us here


If you need assistance planning and organizing your book, a professional ghostwriter or editorial coach can help.

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