How Does the Ghostwriting Process Work?

Many people have questions about how ghostwriting works, including how much involvement is really needed from the author. When you break ghostwriting down into its core parts, it seems very straightforward. Basically, you talk, and we record. We write, you review. We rewrite, you approve, and it’s done. But there are actually a lot of elements that go into the ghostwriting process. The most successful books come out of a ghostwriting process that is viewed not only as a business relationship, but also as a partnership.

We’re going to be doing the writing, and we’re going to guide you through our process. We have tried and true steps for you to complete. But ultimately, you are the one supplying the ideas. You’re Batman, and we’re Robin. You’re the mastermind behind the new business idea or the lifestyle book, and we’re there to support you and help you turn that idea or concept into something tangible.

You are responsible for the ideas and the content, and making sure that the voice and the message of the book is accurate, and we are responsible for making sure that the content is compelling, memorable and marketable. When that partnership comes together, the final product is a great book.

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