How to Write a Business Fable

You want to write a business book, but you don’t want to do a boring, traditional MBA textbook. Instead, you’d like to write a business fable. You’ve read them and loved them, and you want to do the same for your book. But you are baffled as to how.

How do you write a business fable?

Here are seven steps:

1. Determine Your Message

Determine the lessons you want to share. These form the core of your story, the lessons that your fictional hero or heroine must learn.

2. Create a Story Arc

Create a story arc of how each lesson will be learned, including the obstacles and ways to overcome them, The Hero's Journey is sometimes a good formula to use.

3. Create Characters

These are the hero, heroine, guides, wizards or others who will embody the teacher and student(s) of the lessons.]

4. Choose Setting

Pick the place, time and setting where the story will take place.

5. Determine Character Details

Draw on your personal experiences to fill in the details of how each character looks, talks, acts and feels.

6. Use Storytelling Techniques

Make the story real by using storytelling techniques, such as scene, dialogue, description and character motivation.

7. Use Your Imagination

Call on your creative muse to add details that bring the story to life.

After you are done, ask engaged readers to give you critical feedback. This can include experts in your industry, people in your target readership and professional editors.

Finally, read other business fable books, if you have not already. This will give you ideas for your own book.

If you need assistance planning and writing your business fable, a professional ghostwriter can help. Please click here.

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