7 Killer Public Speaking Tips
That Will Sell Your Book

You’ve got a great book that showcases your expertise. Now, it’s time to sell it.

Speaking is a proven method when it comes to increasing book sales. When you do it right, it works. We’ve already shown you the key components of writing a good speech. Now there’s just one more hurdle standing in your way: delivering it well.

If you’re new to speaking, translating written words into spoken ones can be daunting. But with plenty of practice — and these seven killer public speaking tips under your belt — you’ll be bringing down the house and sending your book flying off the shelves in no time.  

1. Relate to Your Audience

Say you’re a gourmet chef with a cookbook to promote. Cooking is a pretty straightforward subject, right? One size fits all? You might change your mind about that after giving a speech on 10 ways to cook a delectable lamb roast to an audience filled with PETA members. Always know whom you’re talking to, and plan accordingly!

2. Stick to the Point

Make sure that everything you talk about ties back to your main topic and emphasizes the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from picking up your book on top of what you’re saying in your current speech. With the advent of social media, you may have noticed that attention spans are getting shorter, not the other way around. Nobody likes a rambler.  

3. Do Your Homework

Beyond knowing your audience, it’s important to make sure that you have your subject — and the product you’re selling — down pat. This includes understanding the opposing argument for your topic, if there is one. Anticipate the questions you’ll be asked after the speech, and use them to remind people that there are more answers where those came from in your book. This way, you’ll never get caught without the answers, and your book will be that much more appealing to prospective buyers.

4. Have a Plan B ... and C

No matter how well you plan it, there are bound to be moments when your speech needs a helping hand. Is it turning out to be longer than you’d expected? Know ahead of time which parts you can cut at the last minute. Are people in the front row getting a little drowsy? Have a good story on hand to wake them up again! Did a cell phone just go off in the back corner? A savvy speaker has a joke up his or her sleeve that will write the incident off and get things back on track. The more competent you look on stage, the more interested people will be in what you’re selling.

5. Say It Out Loud

It’s one thing to write a speech down on paper, and if you’ve already written a book, odds are that’s going to turn out to be the easy part. But converting those written words into spoken words can be a whole different ballgame. Try speaking out loud as you’re typing things up. The natural flow of things will benefit from your efforts. And the better you sell yourself, the better you’ll sell your book.

6. The Whole Package

Delivering a great speech isn’t just about the words alone. You also have to keep the rest of the presentation in mind: your tone of voice, your body language, the pauses you put in for effect and so forth. Pay attention to the volume and pacing of the speech as you’re giving it, and try to mix things up. Dynamic speakers sell more books!

7. Learn from the Best — But Be Yourself

Start collecting ideas for yourself by going out and watching other people speak about their projects. If you happen to see a speech that’s better than yours, don’t get jealous — take notes! Other speakers can be a phenomenal resource when you’re honing the craft. However, don’t try to imitate styles that don’t line up with your natural personality. In the end, the style that works best for you will be the style that feels right. What you deliver in your book should be delivered in your speech. When it is, success is bound to follow.  

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