Book Editing:
Looking for Information Loopholes

During the book editing phase of the book writing process, a good ghostwriter will edit a book with a critical eye to ensure it makes sense, flows logically, expresses the theme coherently, presents the author’s voice authentically and appeals to the target audience.

As the ghostwriter rewrites and adds material to your book, she’ll also be looking at it critically. Does it read well? Is any information lacking? Will an average reader understand it?

After going through several edits, the ghostwriter may come back to you and request more information. You’re an expert in your field, so you might use terms or concepts that wouldn’t be clear to most people. A ghostwriter can let you know that you need to explain a topic more simply so you won’t lead your future readers astray.

The ghostwriter will perform research for your book, whether it’s a quick check on the Internet about a missing fact or extensive reading of other books, magazines or articles about the topic of your book. It’s the time-consuming research any good writer would do — but you won’t have to do it.

A good book should tie its chapters together, building upon the material that’s been presented in a previous chapter. No reader wants to be surprised with some new, unfamiliar concept. A ghostwriter will craft your material so that a reader can seamlessly move through your book.

The ghostwriter will also make sure your book is internally consistent throughout all of its chapters. If you write in one chapter that you got married in 1990, readers will be confused if a later chapter says you got divorced in 1987. It will damage your credibility as a writer if you say in Chapter Three that dogs are the most popular pets in America, then write in Chapter Six that cats are the most popular pets. A reader will think you aren’t a careful researcher and won’t have confidence in what you say.

Your words and your thoughts will always be foremost on a ghostwriter’s mind when putting together your book. During book editing, she will ensure that your thoughts are being portrayed clearly and accurately. She’ll try to get inside your head while she writes so that this book will truly be an expression of you.

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